How does misar-elle prioritise sustainability?

We’ve designed our collection to be timeless. By opting for long-wearing natural and biodegradable textiles, our vision is that misar-elle garments are passed down through siblings, family members, friend groups, communities, and even generations with little harm to our environment.. 


All misar-elle orders are distributed in compostable courier satchels supplied by the R3Pack - a New Zealand owned and operated business part of the sustainable business network - which biodegrade in 3-6 months. They’re made from plants, use non-toxic inks and comply with the International Standards for home and commercial composting.


The tissue we use to wrap our orders is recycled/repurposed and the stickers which seal the deal are made by noissue, using FSC Certified acid-free paper and eco-friendly soy-based inks. Because, it’s the little things that count, too, right?


Misar-elle is always looking for ways to make our processes more environmentally-friendly without negatively impacting the price of our garments; it’s something that will always be kept front of mind each time a new collection is introduced. 


We’re a team of two after all. And for right now, we intend to keep it that way.


Where does misar-elle source their fabrics from? 

Supporting local businesses is at the heart of our operations. For our first collection, we sourced all of our fabrics from local retailers in the Manawatu and Wellington regions - impart due to travel restrictions. Our clothing labels are made here in New Zealand using eco-friendly cotton by a locally-owned business that's been around for more than 27 years.


Some of the materials were sourced new, others were recycled, and many of our buttons and haberdashery were dead stock from other brands.


For future collections, we will be using funds from the (hopeful) success of our first collection to introduce more organic and traceable textiles.

Don't despair,

let us repair

Mending your misar-elle

We want your misar-elle pieces to be cherished in your family's wardrobes forever. We also understand that over time your clothing may wear and be put through its paces through the all important stage of growing up. Which is why we are here to help. 


If you are in need of any of the below services, please email us at and we can assess how best to mend based on your garment(s) unique condition.


• Re-sewing / replacing missing buttons

• Re-hemming 

• Replacing broken snap fastenings


If you are sending us something to be fixed, we kindly ask you to wash it first as a courtesy to us as we are the ones who will be working on your repair. 


For more information or any questions we would love to hear from you.

Image by Ksenia Makagonova