There are tote bags and then there are totally amazing tote bags. This misar-elle rendition is definitely the latter. A lot of care went into refining this style, ensuring the strap is long enough to comfortably slip up and onto your shoulder without the contents bumping and bobbing around on your hip (don’t you just hate that?) and not too deep that you can’t dive your hand into the bottom of the front pocket - whilst the tote bag is still on your shoulder -  and recall your keys, phone, teething ring, chill pills… you name it.


There are two external pockets: one designed for slotting in nappies or baby wipes; and on the inside: a basic pocket to store your personal effects for prompt retrieval. While we can’t tell you specifically just how much this carry-all can carry, what we can tell you is that it carries A LOT.  

Tote Bag

Colour: Sage Spot
  • Our Tote Bags are made from 100% cotton.