Nothing says GORG like a juicy tush adorned in a gathered bloomer bottom. Ideal for warmer days, the Millie has your baby’s nappy covered. And if your baby is partial to tumbling around in dresses or long tees, the Millie is a great option for those, dare we say, revealing moments. Think: Flashing… but make it fashion. 

Millie Bloomer Bottom - Linen

  • 100% Vintage Finish Linen of Belgian-origin flax fibres, certified to OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

    Please note, due to the natural variation in flax yarn this fabric may have subtle colour variance on some threads throughout. This is a characteristic of the fabric and is not deemed as a flaw. 

    About our linen:
    Sourced locally, pur se;ection of linen fabric has a lovely earthy feel, starting off crisp but softening beautifully in time with wash and wear. The flax plant, from which linen fibres are harvested, consumes far less water than cotton and requires fewer chemicals and pesticides making it a great eco fabric choice for the environmentally conscious.